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The company has been focusing on the design, processing and manufacturing of Precision Moulds and non-standard equipments for a long time, and has strong manufacturing capabilities, high-quality high-end customers and excellent supplier teams. Relying on high precision equipment and technical production, research and development team, the introduction of advanced production management system, greatly much well meet the customer’s demands needs of users in many aspects.

First, equipment advantages advantages of equipments

We have all kinds of machine processing equipment complete, including CNC lathe, machining center, grinder, lathe milling, EDM, wire speed, a total of more than 80 sets of processing and testing equipments, manye finishing machining MAEs are imported from Oversea, e.g. Japan asida YASDA machining center, NC, USA Hardinge, Switzerland Chamie Charmilles, etc., and equipped with German Cai Sisan Marr coordinates Zeiss,Mahr, profilometer, altimeter and full set of precision testing equipment ensured the production and processing capacity.

Two, team advantage  The 2nd,advantage of team

The particularity of the non standard manufacturing in the mould industry is very demanding for the talents and quality. At present, the company has nearly one hundred employees, and more than 70% are skilled talents with professional skills. Managers have more than 10 years of work experience in this industry. The company has always paid attention to the construction of the talent team. Through reasonable organizational structure, production management system and perfect incentive measures, and humanized corporate culture, we attract the industry's R & D and management elites. At the same time, the company year to yearly accept machinery, mold professional graduates about 5-10%, through training, a program of exercise, enrich the company team, from personnel to ensure production and processing capacity.

Three, technical advantages the third, advantage of techniques

Enterprise technology companies from a precision processing enterprises transition to has the ability of designing and developing, after several years’ precision machining experience accumulate, we growed and have the ability of designing and developing of mould and customerization product. on the one hand,s the company actively introduce design technology, production industry elite, on the other hand, rely on the company's long-term customers for the development of new products, to solve the technical difficulties, has rich experience in processing technology, product is very valuable for tired. At present, the company has acquired more than 20 patents of invention and utility model, and has strong R & D and design capabilities and process capability, which is enough to meet users' various needs.

Four, management advantage The 4th, advantage of managment

The development of the company also get benefits from high quality customer resources, close to harsh technical requirements, and urge encourage us to do our best to improve and surpass ourselves. In addition to a lot of difficulties and bottlenecks, more advanced management ideas and process control ability and risk prevention ability of foreign companies are benefited. With the help of the intelligent production management system, it meets the needs of customer’s quality and delivery.

Five, product advantage The Fifth, advantage of product

Relying on first-class high-precision equipment and experienced professional team of research and development, take the road of scientific and technological innovation, the products always keep up with market demand, through technological innovation, process improvement, with new materials and improve the management level, to improve product quality, cost reduction, so as to produce quality and better products. It is also because the company does not participated in the regular processing enterprises located in the competition route, and foreign cooperation, making the high technical content, small substitutability of high precision products, self pressurized, looking for gaps, which can quickly integrate into the supply chain of international and domestic well-known enterprises, in customer demand, to keep pace with the times to promote the market changes, and take the initiative and innovative ideas, in order to keep pace with the times.